Who We Are

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Sports Gaming Journal is the nation’s foremost sports & gaming newspaper dedicated to covering all areas of the sports wagering and casino industry, including the financial sector and pari-mutuel race wagering. Originally established in 2003, the Sports Gaming Journal makes its dubious return in 2019 as a full-color, 48-56 page weekly print publication that is distributed in all major bookstores, newsstands, casinos, card rooms, race tracks across the United States and Canada. The Sports Gaming Journal is also available to subscribers via digital (24-28 page daily publication) and first class mail subscription.

Sports Gaming Journal focuses on delivering precise information on every aspect of the gaming industry, from strategies on the casino’s top rated games such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and more, plus serves as a guide to successful race and sports betting. We also provide the latest updates on gaming stocks, financial and gaming news plus legalized sports wagering nationwide.

The Sports Gaming Journal is a must-have publication that any casino executive, sports enthusiast, gaming machine manufacturers and other industry influencers. The Sports Gaming Journal stays on top of the latest trends, developments, professionals on the move and the latest technological innovations within the industry are covered in every issue.

The Sports Gaming Journal website contains added features and expanded coverage race and sports analysis and handicapping, sports wagering articles, casino and poker tournaments across the country, PLUS, a comprehensive strategic video-based gaming manual for all casino games.